Linda / Gail – I would be please to represent us all when I visit (if I can gain proper access). History. I would love to see some photos of when the hospital was operational, as it is sad to see it run down :(. No one developer will risk it. 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It was built in 1935, and held 50,000 prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation. Last Sunday afternoon around 2pm I revisit the Hospital. So i suggest you guys better not go in. A tree outside the window. 1942 : The British surrendered to the Japanese. The place was pretty peaceful and, how how should I put it, gave off a ‘retro’ hospital vibe I got at the old Alexandra hospital block, unlike the busy, crowded feeling I get at modern National University Hospital. 1975 : The hospital was given to the Singapore state, which renamed it Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Hospital. The hospital staff would come to work packed with their beach wear and go for afternoon swim at the Changi beach! ( Log Out /  I love seeking out old places in S'pore, where the scarcity of land and rapid development often means the destruction of the old to make way for the new. Old Changi Hospital has a history that quite unfortunately is quite misunderstood. Hotel Beside Old Changi Hospital Closing Down & is Selling Off Its Furniture. Gail, I got to go last month! Besides just being a normal functioning hospital, OCH was more importantly the site where traumatic tortures occurred during WW2. He was very good to me. The hotel was opened in December 2014 in a refurbished Command Barracks. Linda, I live in the UK now. There were security guards and the big dogs keeping watch. that was what i did, less spooky feeling. The Hospital was built in 1935 to complement other installations in Changi, which was then a military base to defend the eastern coastal side of the Johor Strait. Unfortunately did not see the hospital but I am going back sometime this year so I will have a look. I was only 18 months old when my father was posted back to the UK so I’ve no memories of the place . Thanks BUT how do I get access? As it was during the day, I did not find anything spooky. I visited in 2009 and entered the building, it was full of broken glass and broken fittings. But I am very upset because when I see from YouTube even though people take from outside the hospital the hospital can see clearly and today when I saw most of trees and bushes covered the whole buildings and staircase even worse only can see the name CHANGI HOSPITAL clearly which is written at the building. I took a walk from changi village to nethervon road than I met this hospital. Hi Lala. He mentioned that indeed he and fellow healthcare workers did encounter some though he has not “seen” but only “heard” their presence. This place is being protected by Motion censors, its located at the front entrance and at the top of the stairs which is located at the main gate. The hospital was renamed as Anzuk Hospital, where the name Anzuk referred to the Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom armed forces. For my advice please don’t photograph or taking video at this place. Old Changi Hospital was one of the five haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 6. He arranged an escort for us. Maybe you should contact me – I could only find one Gail Coleshill. Photo credit: Simone Lee. Our next reaction was to immediately turn right around and run straight down the hill back to our car, half-laughing and screaming all the way. It served the Royal Engineers in Kitchener Barracks, the Royal Artillery in Roberts Barracks and the Gordon Highlanders in Selarang Camp. They will announce the result of the bidding in October 2012. For people who wants to “trespass places to take photo : Barb wire cannot penetrate towel . , There is a way, me and my friends just went there today, there is a motion sensor at the top of the entrance but if you walk at the side you will see a slope down but also a small pathway the fences there are cut down slightly, you can go pass it by just pulling it down a little, then once you reach, go straight in dont linger out in the open too much, there are 2 – 3 motion censors along the way but none of them are pointed at the place, so you need not worry except for one, if you wanna cross from one place to another in the OCH dont walk outside in the open, instead, use the links provided in the hospital to go in, And you should come out the same way, its the safest way IMO, but you have to beware as the place as people at the chalet will be able to spot you, the only hassle is if you wanna go to the top, but other than that, you’ll be fine. many thanks. Sorry for the delay in my response I am not on the net very often. If by any chance Te could get a message I would love to meet her next Jan 13. The hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospital and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. Anyhow- it is really cool to communicate with you all as I don’t know Singapore at all but have always longed to visit. Alamak! I came back here when I was three years old so only have flashes of memory like Father Christmas arriving in a rowing boat. Haunted or not, the place is haunted with fond memories of my youth. Im visiting Singapore in November but just for 3 days before going onto Penang, but really want to visit the hospital as i was born there as well in May 1962. It mus be the same surgeon haunting the Changi Hospital. I was admitted in this hospital for a skin graft in 1967. Hope that this will help u guys , By the way, Channel 8 will be showing Haunted Changi at 10pm this Saturday (15 June 2013), featuring the mystery of Old Changi Hospital, I watched it on HD5 and I could not sleep from 3am-6am =_=. La raison officielle de cet échec était financière. For remembrance of that place – a haunt of teenage bravado more than anything else – you can view the virtual tour I did here. There would be around 5-6 persons climbing up or down at any moment during daytime. The buildings were said to be haunted by victims of the Japanese occupation. Mais la raison officieuse était l’apparition de spectres qui rendait l’hôpital inhabitable. suddenly all of us were running like hell. Hello Paul , my name is Ian Harvey Robson & I was born just a couple of months before you on 8th February 1964 . All the patient wards on this floor are layout on one side of the corridor in a parallel/adjacent manner but the devil’s room was diagonal. It does not desrve to be left like this. 1926 : Plans were drawn up for a British military base in Changi. Wally Harmer, Like to visit there…. Yes it is still on Halton Road and no, it has not been turned into a restaurant. It is still there. For New Changi Hospital, see Changi General Hospital. i was born here in 1971 i came home 2 england a few months old but i would still love to go back there and often look at old photos , I was born there in 1971 also and returned to Scotland at 8 months old. Any messages much welcome! hello…. We lived on the base for a few year ’74/75 as my dad was RAMC and I recall we first had a house on top of the hill and you had to pass the mortuary to get there, which terrified our Chinese amah. On that fateful night, she decided to pay a visit to her friend that was admitted to the hospital. I know it is unlikely to happen, but you never know! i just online view picture of old changi hospital only.. Gail, I tried to reply on an earlier post. Changi Hospital at the top of Halton Road. Singaporeans are a very law-abiding people and it is important as visitors to respect the rules that are put into place for our protection. Anyway, it was great fun time. I wrote to the Singapore Tourism Board and they put me in touch with the officer in charge of the hospital. Want more abandoned places? I know it is haunted. Old Changi Hospital is a restricted access site and hence participants will not be allowed to venture into the hospital itself. It is not advisable to try to sneak in without permission. We used to go and watch the open-air film shows on a huge screen in the car park and all the patients would crowd onto the various balconies to watch! I was born here, August 1966. If you really love old buildings, its an art. She was amazed as she’s never even used a computer in her life . He said on a few occasions when he was doing the night shift, he would hear children playing “upstairs”, running about and laughing, jolly good time and the children were “conversing” in English with British accent! There is no such thing as spirits or ghost. We lived in Paya Lebar. It sounded so real and loud that we all looked at each other in puzzlement for about 2 or 3 seconds to make sure we had all heard it. We spent about 5 minutes looking around the periphery of the building, and then started walking into the building, which was partially lighted inside by the streetlamps below. 1927 : Clearing of land and construction began. I can’t seem to find that link anymore though. Not at ALL creepy. I am still hopeful of getting there some day. For New Changi Hospital, see Changi General Hospital. His Mum says we must go with him to make sure he is settled in OK. Who am I to argue. Hi Old Changi Hospital; Old Changi Hospital; Post Categories: Spooky ‹ Woodsville Sec School Chain Letter Curse › Popular Posts. thanx Linda, My dream would to be if they renovated the building for use again to have a small plaque from al those who were born there. Old Changi Hospital Changi Hospital was a former hospital located in Changi, Singapore. We had two wonderful escorts who were very friendly and helpful. Hope to get an update on the hospital after the bidding stops in October. I hoped when this surgeon dies, his Soul will haunt the Changi Hospital forever. I am very keen to see where I was born, but would only go there in the day with permission- so I’ll try with the authorities first. i.e. Does anyone know how many RAF babies were born there? Good luck! However, if they moved the maternity ward before 1964, I wouldn’t know that. Old Changi Hospital, situated on the small Barrack Hill along Netheravon Road, was a fascinating place with a long history, going all the way back to the mid-thirties as a small British military hospital called Royal Air Force Hospital. I am keen to know the outcome of any ease bids, so may be able to contact the right party when I come over in Feb 13. We thought it would make a fabulous hotel! Soldiers who still scour the wards for enemies. Went back there again, for a graft to correct the original mess. I was born in Changi hospital in Jan 1952 ,my mum was a nurse from 1948 to 1952 with the WRAF , she told me stories of her first experiences of the apparitions in the nurses quarters and wards where she was woken in the night to see a figure tending to the bedding of her friend in the next bed, my mum screamed which woke her friend and on telling her what she had seen her hair visibly changed colour over the following week. Unfortunately, due to its proximity to the abandoned Changi Hospital, some have concluded that the hotel and the rumored haunted place are the same. Sign up for The Lineup's newsletter, and get the creepiest locales delivered straight to your inbox. Perth was our favorite! I have a few Singapore photos which I will digitalise and try to put up. I want to go back again some day. Thus MOH decided to source for another better location. Gail – you must put a visit down on you list of things to do. I would love to know what is going to happen to it now, Gail, I was born May 19th, 1952 in Changi Hospital. Doctors think their condition is merely brain chemistry imbalance. Seems like it’s completely abandoned from the photos. I think SAF might have used Changi hospital as a spiritual asylum for those who encounter ghost. 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Fingers crossed. encounter while visiting Changi Hospital at night a few years ago. Patients who don’t know they are dead. We lived in a thatched house Join The Ronin Discord Server! Paul, Paul, I was born there in 1952 and have some pictures taken on the maternity floor. I’d love to hear about it . Are there any guards and/or guard dogs at the guardhouse? Please can you update us again after the October bid results. I sure hope you do get to go. my heart was pounding and im like: omg omg dun let the dog catch me and bite my leg off. I’d plan a trip just to stay there! Since then, it has never been able to revert back normally to its “clean reputation”, and urban myths about ghosts have always plagued the building (yes, even throughout the years that you guys were born. Actually inside the building was not creepy or whatsoever at all. Old Changi Hospital is said to be the most haunted place in Singapore, where there've been purported sightings of soldiers walking around, a little boy who just sits and stares, loud noises and banging… a film crew apparently also captured “shadow people” on film. My father was in the RAF and he was based there during that time. The long running family joke is that on the flight home my parents stashed me up in the luggage compartment . The whole place next to the army camp where i served NS. Old Changi Hospital. Can you help clarify? The fences can be cut off went in but there is a really bad filin so I got out,to be safe. God have mercy on those poor souls there. Better commemerate it fast before it becomes any typical hotel-spa resort! Hmm i think u should not go there even though i am a kid i know about this.If u nvr listen to me bad things were to happened to you.Don’t go there everytime.And if u ride bus number 29 and saw the hospital just be quiet and do say anything also when riding in a car. DONT VISIT IT!ITSIS VERY VERY HAUNTED.yes,iam a singaporean and i know what will happens when u went in.IF ITS AT NIGHT,AND YOU GOIN,YOU WONT STAND ACHANCE TO COME OUT.but in the day,behave just very very very normally as if you dont know about its past of the hostpital.VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! En 2006, une entreprise a acheté la propriété dans l’espoir de convertir l’hôpital en hôtel de luxe. Apparently, our friend at the extreme left of the group did not hear the sound, and continued making his way into the building. Thanks , The place is currently being managed as a state land by SLA (Singapore Land Authority). Lol. please go in the afternoon/ evening. These premises were vacated in 1997 after Changi Hospital merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital. I can’t believe I’ve stumbled upon this site and also to find so many other people who feel the same way as me . Part Two can be about Singapore’s hospitals, old and current. I have never seen any entrance placement quite as strange as this. Thanks for the update here. Last Dec I went to Singapore for the first time since I left to celebrate my 50th Birthday. My friends and I gave up searching for it so we went down to the main entrance and asked the security guards there. No, I didn’t hear anything about that. After the war, the British regained possession of the hospital. yea passby there recently and saw a big signage up for lease, few years back some foreigners bid to run a spa hotel but for unknown reasons never materialise, 2 years back saw SLA clearing up the area and now all fence up, wonder why nobody consider turn this into a horror theme park cum hotel ??? The mortuary is located at the bottom of the hospital next to where a carpark is now. Kind regards all, Paul, Hallo Paul First opened in Dec 2014, Raintr33 Hotel, which is located beside the Old Changi Hospital, is closing its doors for good. I was one of them. He was pretty pissed that we all suddenly turned around and ran away, leaving him alone inside! The hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospitall and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. A lovely site. it’s is really beautiful from the top level. lets just say that, ive been to many haunted place in Singapore including red house etc, but och sure is one hella of a creepy place even when we go in big groups (or maybe im just chicken, scared, lol) i’d say I went to och at least about 3-4 times in a year. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Was born there 29th Oct 1955 and while I have been on the outside, would love to see inside before they do anything. Regards, I had sent an e-mail to see if it was possible to have a tour but was told Come to think of it, there is no place in this world ‘haunted’. I have some photographs here. It was renamed ANZUK Hospital. The entrance was in a direct corner thus making a corridor a weird hexagonal shape instead of a proper rectangle. other than this episode, we manage to access the highest point through the stairs that you people were talking about. Are works still ongoing? He arranged an escort for us. I lived in a house at the base of Changi Hospital for three years from ’57 to ’60. is there any way to enter without being detected ,,…. ( Log Out /  I think that house was thatched too, Gail! There are some great images on the web though. I have always wanted to go back and see where i was born, so im really hoping i will be able to see the building even if i cant go inside…..dont really fancy breaking a leg or anything else in a derelict building. “Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate your site visit as the property is currently undergoing repair works and we do have safety concerns. Fish Farms at Seletar West Farmways to be Relocated? I suggest you contact the Singapore Land Authority and ask for permission to visit. And also said they looked young and their clothes and hairstyle like old type during Japanese occupation.Latter I learnt these people are the tortured victim by the cruel Japanese Soldiers in World War 2.After I done my prayers these spirits never disturb me again. It was a saturday evening, 4 of my friends and i were walking pass the old changi hospital. The abandoned, derelict buildings and its ghostly reputation were the basis for the 2010 mockumentary Haunted Changi We had a great time visiting all the different RAF stations we’ve lived at but I kept the best till last and when we finally got to Changi I switched to street view . You can actually enter the building from the side (Can’t really remember which side). It will be my first trip back to Singapore in 60 years. Great times then. A day they would see a few patients …. However, the plans never materialised, probably due to the 2008 financial crisis, and the site was returned to SLA in 2010. With the state of some of the stairs and hallways, you could get badly hurt by going in there in the dark. Saw the previous few posts that a permit is required. I was born on 26th January 1955 in Changi Hospital. Take care mate , Ian. As all of them were plain lazy, they decided to take a shortcut at the side of the building facing the carpark. They have sensors in place which need to be disarmed by the escorts they provide. The interior walls had those while square tiles. thanx for the reply :o). Old Changi Hospital. Chatted with him and reminiscence about good ol’ Changi Hospital and of course the subject of hauntings creep up. The hospital was captured by the Japanese forces during World War II, and was used as a healthcare facility for the prisoners-of-war detained at the Changi military base nearby. But all very interesting but really cant wait to see for myself….hopefully. With its peeling white walls and foreboding architecture, the abandoned Old Changi Hospital looks very much like the setting of a horror movie. After this merge, the old hospital buildings remained abandoned and vacant. Lucas, I really recommend that you go through the correct procedures. They were so nice, and the whole visit was really special. They have detectors in place that let them know when someone goes in. Hi MartyThe British Milatary Hospital is the Alexandra Hospital. This arrangement lasted until 15 December 1997, when Changi Hospital was merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital , after which, the old hospital ceased operations and was left empty ever since. But the project failed.I guess the workers saw ghost XD But really i think OCH is “friendly” place. It has been vandalised over the years by people who think they are going to have a “haunting” experience.. It is now a Hotel . I wrote to the Singapore Tourism Board and they put me in touch with the officer in charge of the hospital. During weekend the nights would be accompanied by delicious bbq smell from the chalets down at the bottom of the knolls. I remembered it was about 7.10pm when the Muslims believe that from 7 to about 7.30p.m, the Muslims were encourage not to go out from their house or stay in a shelter. Hi all, I have just had a brainwave, does anyone know if it is possible to obtain our old hospital records from here. i was born in old Changi hospital on 18th April 1964. Since 1997, the spot has been abandoned and reports of paranormal activity have been attributed to its name. Yes! We left S’pore when I was only 6 months old, so I have no memories at all from when we lived there. If anyone knows where the maternity ward was in the hospital (I believe it was 4th or 5th floor) can they let me know? If I do get any photos I’ll share them, but my Mum isn’t coming on the trip with me next Jan 13, so I am hoping to identify the right ward if I am allowed to go in. Old Changi Hospital. Hi Miyajae, Combining with Toa Payoh Hospital, the new site was called Changi General Hospital. Religion explain their visions as paranormal sightings. If your friend believed it. The Military surgeons made a mess of it. try visiting in the afternoon/evening. Well, not to sound cliched, but my friends and I had an unusual(supernatural?) My cousin & I were born in BMH Singapore within a few months of each other in 1963 , Hi Dreams, following previous advice I too have written to the Singapore tourism board to see if I could be lucky enough to have a tour too. Linda, How thrilling for you. I was born in BMH Changi in Dec 62. . Which was above the one where I lived(Upavon Rd). The forgotten hospital was vacated once more. Unfortunately, I was told that the mortuary was no more. Me, I’m not too sure I would be too keen on staying there, not just yet, LOL. Hope you get to visit. So im not surprise if there will be any stories coming up to be heard when once the hotel is fully done. The view at shower room on the same floor offered a commanding view down the long staircase, which leads to a bus stop, and a couple of chalets at the bottom of the knoll. I was fascinated by them! My Father being in the RAF and posted out there for a two year period. Thereafter he made his way down and out of the place,,,,, It was sheer madness! There seems to be some confusion as to which location however. I was not sure if the dogs actually chased us, all i knew was that my frens in front of me started screaming like mad and turn around and ran, I follow suit and heard the loud and fierce barking sounds. I visited Singapore in 2006 and got to walk around the hospital and grounds, snapping away with my camera, we returned again last year (2013) but found it was all fenced off. Old Changi Hospital, located along Halton Road was constructed by British forces in the 1930s as part of the RAF Changi military base. Which one of the two was the BMH? Shortly after its abandonment, it became one of the favourite spots in Singapore for ghost sighting. Gail. Let us know if you get to go!! Paul. If you follow the main road through Changi Village and keep walking, past the gated entrance to the SAF Changi Chalets, on your left you will see the set of stairs leading steeply up to the main entrance to the lower block (as pictured in the first and second photos on this page) At least you can view it from the street.