Versandkosten und ggf. Knife with asymmetric sharpening, not suitable for left-handed people Seki MagorokuThis type of traditional Japanese knives has been produced for hundreds of years in similar forms. Folgende Messerserien sind erhältlich: Kai Shun Classic, Kai Shun Pro Sho, Kai Shun Nagare, Kai Tim Mälzer, Kai Wasabi Black, Kai Seki Magoroku, Kai Pure Komachi 2 und Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata.Zu den einzelnen Serien erfahren Sie hier mehr. The blade shape is flat similar to the sandoku knife. The Kai Chef Knife’s design is geared towards keeping your child safe. or Best Offer. 0 bids. 0 Bewertung(en) Kai Shun Magnetischer Messerblock, drehbar Sehr stilvoller, ästhetischer Messerblock zur sicheren, magnetischen Aufbewahrung Ihrer Messer. KAI was created in 1908 in the knife centre of the world: Seki. The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives … $129.00 USD. Kai also offers high precision beauty and personal care products to the Indian consumers adding great value to their daily life. EUR 156,39. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Kai Seki Magoroku Damascus Gyutou Chef Knife 180mm (AE-5204) The history of the cutlery in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture began in Kamakura Period (1185-1333). In 1908 KAI started life as a small pocket knife manufacturer in Seki, the ancient sword making capital of Japan. KERSHAW KAI CUTLERY MODEL BLADE TRADER 2 BLADE KNIFE SET JAPAN- Parts only. Verfügbar. Kostenloser Versand. Specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of professional chefs. Direct Delivery from Japan Worldwide. Japanese KAI SEKI MAGOROKU Kitchen Petty Utility Knife 150mm 5.9" AE5203. Made-in-Japan Thousands Selection of Kitchen Knives --- Sashimi and Sushi Knife series --- with Excellent Design and Unparalleled Tradition. You really will not be in a position to do anything useful with such a knife. So let's take a look at the Japanese chef knife reviews below and see if we can find a winner together. Kai USA is home to Kershaw sporting & EDC knives, ZT premium knives, and high-performance kitchen cutlery from Shun and Kai Housewares. The company produced various cutlery throughout the 20th century, including folding knives, razors, and kitchen cutlery. Seisuke Blue Steel No.2 Nashiji Santoku Japanese Chef Knife 165mm with Carbonized Wood Handle. All series on Highly recommended for GIFT of Anniversary as well as for Your Best Professional Cooking Experience. The complex manufacturing process used to make these blades is known as Dual Core, a dual layering of two different steels - a flexible and resistant VG2 steel with a particularly hard VG10 steel that are bonded into a 72 layered piece of Damascus steel. gesetzl. Today KAI manufactures, sells, exports and imports more than 10,000 different types of cutlery and cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements. Hinweise zur Registrierung Wir bieten Ihnen die Speicherung Ihrer persönlichen Daten in einem passwortgeschützten Kundenkonto an, sodass Sie bei Ihrem nächsten Einkauf nicht erneut Ihren Namen und Ihre Anschrift eingeben müssen. Visit the officical global web site of KAI Group, the enterprise for knives, razors, sugical and industrial cutting tools as well as beauty-care, kitchen tools English Japanese Let's dig in! Always keep your knife clean. 9% Vorteil. Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent. Free shipping for orders from €49.00 and above and up to 3 Kg weight $116.10 USD. Instead, they prioritized making pocketknives before expanding into razors and kitchen cutlery. QUICK VIEW. Our high-carbon steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, holds its edge well, then re-sharpens easily when needed. Sold Out . The origins of the Kai Group date back to 1908, when founder Saijiro Endo established the company in Seki City, Japan. Kai as an organization is determined to provide products prepared with detailed R&D and superior Japanese technology. The Shun Nagare series of knives from Kai is a masterpiece of Japanese workmanship. The round tip of the stainless steel blade helps to ensure there are not any accidental pokes. From the legendary samurai swords, said to contain the soul of the warrior who wielded them, to the handcrafted kitchen knives of today the exquisite craftsmanship of Japanese blades is admired worldwide. Hand crafted Japanese steel. € 18,15 € 19,95. $15.00. KERSHAW KAI JAPAN # 1035 PRESENTATION COLLECTABLE KNIFE. Combi-Deal. $125.00. You can find them in our online shop. Verfügbar. Why choose a Japanese kitchen knife? This series fascinates thanks to its satin blade of high-carbon steel with a hardness of about 58HRC. Kershaw largest top of the line hunting knife It has been sharpened . Japanese knives KAI There are 118 products. Uses. Kai quality steel. 6% Vorteil. KAI group asia official homepage. Damastklingen von Kai (Japan) Kai Shun Messer werden in einer sehr großen Vielfalt angeboten. Posted on 11/10/2017 26/12/2018 by japacul . It was once carried by men and women of the samurai class in Japan.It was useful for self-defense in indoor spaces where the long blade katana and intermediate sword wakizashi were inconvenient. Newsletter abonnieren * Alle Preise inkl. Kai bietet eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Messer an, ob klassische, japanische Kochmesser oder Spezialmesser. KAI MESSER - DIE SERIEN. We know why KAI kitchen knives are so popular: any cooking enthusiast enjoys cutting with these tools. Ending Dec 14 at 10:46AM PST 5d 15h. With the headquarters based in Tokyo, KAI is a brand known for the exceptional quality of its kitchen knives and its more than 100 years of experience in the field of cutlery! If you need Japanese Chef Knives, you've come to the right place. QUICK VIEW. KAI knives have true cult status in Japan. The handle is durable POM (a precision engineering thermoplastic) with a decorative inlaid crest. Indeed, Kai was created in the Japanese knife center of the world, Seki City, alongside other knife manufacturing legends like Miyabi and Shun (We’ve previously reviewed some of the best Shun knives available on the market). Since the 13th century, Seki City has been the heart of the Japanese cutlery industry. 1 bid. In der Kai Shun Classic Serie werden traditionelle japanische Schmiedekunst und moderne Fertigungsverfahren miteinander vereint. You can find them in our online shop. Kai S-Knife Messerschutz, 24,0x6,0cm, SK-M Größe: 24,0 x 6,0 x 0,5 cm Gewicht: 60,5 g Material: Polyester. KERSHAW KAI BLADE TRADER 6 Blade KNIFE SET with Case Japan Vintage Rare Used. EUR 208,51. Is the Kai Shun set worth it? … Buyers guide icon. Kershaw 1035 Moose hunting knife that is in excellent condition. Shun Premier From KAI Made in Japan. Sold Out. Caring for Your Cutlery: * Handwashing and drying are recommended * Do not cut frozen food with these knives * Do not use scouring pads, steel, or gritty cleansers. Kostenloser Versand. Made with Japanese 420J2 stainless steel with a beautiful finish and a razor-sharp 16 Degree cutting angle each side, the Kai Personal Steak Knife glides through steaks like butter, without crushing or tearing the meat, causing flavorful juices to be lost. History. Combi-Deal. In 2002, Kai introduced the Shun Cutlery brand to … Japanese SAIUN Kitchen Gyuto Chef's Knife 230mm 9 inch VG-10 Damascus SEKI JAPAN . It has an original sharpener never been used . Kai brings over 800 years old Japanese legacy of forging blades directly to the kitchen of Indian households with its kitchenware range. Beliebt . The company has grown into a leading knife manufacturer with a few thousand employees and more than 10,000 different products, including many kitchen knives. € 413,55 € 439,95. SEKI MAGOROKU series are handcrafted by skillful artisans, following the strong willpower of Seki’s knife and treating each knife as a … Letzter Artikel . … Another safety feature I noticed was that the blade is not sharpened all the way to the tip or heal. Letzter Artikel. Kai Shun Sets The Kai group is a world leader in the production of professional kitchen cutlery. Japanese KAI SEKI MAGOROKU Kitchen Gyuto Chef Knife 180mm 7 VG-10 Damascus JAPAN. Due to the high-carbon content of the quality steel in our blades, the blade may corrode if not properly cared for. … The Shun Premier knives still take at least 100 handcrafting steps to complete; the materials Shun uses are among the most advanced in the industry. Entsprechend beliebt ist die Serie bei Profiköchen weltweit. Knife Knowledge Cleaning and Oiling. Kai Shun Knives VIEW ALL KNIFE SERIES . EUR 135,16. However, they didn’t begin by making kitchen knives. Discover our wide range of Japan Kai Shun Nagare knives ideal for meat, fish, fruits and vegetables use. $8.85 shipping. Über KAI Qualitätsversprechen Schleifanleitung Messerpflege Datenschutzerklärung AGB Bildquellen Newsletter. EUR 168,95. Ending Dec 13 at 7:13AM PST 4d 11h Kershaw Knife Model 2105 Rotary Wheel Lock Near Mint Condition, with paperwork. Buyers guide Nagare. Abonnieren Sie unseren kostenlosen Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeit oder Aktion mehr aus dem ... September 9th* Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Aogami Super & ZDP-189 Series Knives, September 1st* Takeshi Saji Nature Series — Hammer Forged R-2 Clad Knives, Takeshi Saji VG-10 Multi-Colored Rainbow Damascus Series, Sukenari ZDP-189 Nickel Damascus Series Knives with Octagon Shaped Bocote Wood Handle,August 7th* Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan "Sea … Kai’s kitchen knife Seki Magoroku . Kai Shun Damast, Kai Pure Komachi. Japanese kitchen knives are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, extremely hard steel that can take a finer edge, and the beautiful Damascus patterns that many Japanese knives feature. The Japanese knife is quite simply the best in the world. And the Seki’s blacksmiths made many celebrated Japanese swords. Categories . $477.00 USD. The layered Damascus cladding supports the core and provides additional stain resistance. The kitchen knives from KAI are 100% made in Japan. You can shop online today for Japanese style kitchen knife sets like KAI Komachi Series knives, KAI Luna knives and the famous KAI Wasabi Series. Kai PRO blades are made of Japanese AUS6M stainless steel, hand sharpened and finished to a 16° cutting edge on each side—much sharper than standard Western-style knives. The sheath is in very good condition , It is 10-1/4" overall. I'll let you decide that. Our selection of Japanese knives features more than just sushi knives. This is why best Japanese kitchen knives are made with a strong and robust handle, either from a composite material or from superior quality wood. EUR … Eigenschaften der Damastklinge. Kai’s Seki Magoroku Japanese kitchen knife. Free shipping. Imagine having a great knife, with the handle damaged? Sakai Takayuki 33 Layer Damascus Gyuto 210mm, Santoku 180mm, and Petty 150mm Japanese Kitchen Chef Knives Set. Women carried them in their kimono either in a pocket-like space (futokoro) or in the sleeve pouch (tamoto) for self-defense and for ritual suicide by slashing the veins in the left side of the neck. All Kai Scissors. Japanese knives are known for high performance and this is actually an all round affair. To protect your knife, simply wipe a light coating of oil on the blade, pivot points, and lock (if applicable) before storing. Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm with Shitan Handle. The handle is easy to grip and control the knife. Traveling for KNIVES and SWORDS! the knife has the original brown leather sheath.