Trade between Ecuador and the US between January and September 2020 amounted to 2.415 billion dollars with a positive trade balance for Ecuadorians of $1.044 billion. Regarding the bilateral trade of industrial goods from January to August 2020, the most demanded products by Ecuador were: mechanical machinery, pharmaceutical products, paper, vehicles and medical equipment. Yellow Pitajaya andean 11 febrero, 2020 12 febrero, 2020. Exports structure from Ecuador in 2018 represented by the following main commodity groups: 40% (8.8 billion US$): 27 - Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes; 16.4% (3.55 billion US$): 03 - Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates; 15.5% (3.36 billion US$): 08 - Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons The whole process is carefully monitored to guarantee a quality product for our buyers, but also for the final customer. Exports. As the Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments of Ecuador , we have a wide database of reliable ecuadorian suppliers of Agricultural Products ( Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ), and help them to promote their products in order to reach new markets. The country exports … Some of the biggest fruit companies in the world are active in these regions and Export banana from Ecuador. Fruit is harvested all year round in Ecuador's different climates due to optimal soil nutrients and stable 12 hour day cycles, which reduces use of agrochemical components. The good performance of Ecuadorian exports explains why Ecuador maintains a trade surplus with the EU of 1,004 million euros in the first eight months of 2020. Sourced from the South West end of Ecuador in areas like Machala the country is one of the world’s biggest producer of bananas. Ranked in descending order of export value, these countries were Thailand, Chile, the Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Ecuador, South Africa and the U.S. This has been due to growers switching to other products. The wood of this species, which is called nogal in South America, is highly valued in being used for various forms of decorations. The United States was the second leading country of … Ecuador; Telephones: (593) 999423369 - (593) 999423108 ; Email: ; Versión Español; Home; About us. We export our fruit to Europe and Asia with the best market prices. U.S. goods exports to Ecuador in 2019 were $5.5 billion, down 6.2% ($368 million) from 2018 but up 40.6% from 2009. HS Nomenclature used HS 1988/92 (H0) HS Code 080420: Fruit, edible; figs, fresh or dried Please note: Exports is gross exports and Imports is gross imports Total shipments from Ecuador reached a record high of 6.6 million tonnes in 2018, supported by favourable weather and successful investments in production expansion and yield-improving technologies. Orexfrut - Ecuadorian Fruits is a small company that exports certified fruit of the highest quality ... See More. The shell of the fruit can be used to made to produce yellow dye if unripe, red to brown dye if it is ripe or a strong black dye if ripe and cooked. Within this, exports of tropical fresh and dried fruits increased from 19,000 tonnes to 24,900 tonnes. Representing over 30 per cent of world banana trade, Ecuador exports more bananas than any other country. Page Transparency See More. The company shipped 25 containers of the fruit through its specialised mango division Dominus, which it acquired earlier this year. 80 percent of these bananas exported by big International fruit companies like Chiquita, Del Monde, and Dole. 68 people follow this. That dollar amount reflects a 30.6% increase since 2013 and a 11.1% upswing from 2016 to 2017. Ecuador is launching a fresh produce brand for export markets to highlight sustainability. A big part of the economy of Ecuador built upon exporting bananas. Actually the names of this country and bananas tied together and known all over the world. This dark chocolate is great to savour as such, but can also be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from ganache to mousse, crémeux or sauces. Ecuador expects to set a new record for banana exports in 2020, despite the logistics obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact Orexfrut - Ecuadorian Fruits on Messenger . Ecuador´s Main Exports Bananas . Our fruits are exported to Europe and Asian markets. Currently, the banana production figure stands at 180,000 hectares. Export bananas from Ecuador. Ecuadorian fruit is tastier and richer in nutrients than many neighboring counterparts. Ecuador is also open to plenty of exciting pairing possibilities: exotic fruits, acidic fruits, coffees and vinegars are only a few of the options. Food Wholesaler. Ecuador’s main export commodities are petroleum, bananas, cut flowers and shrimp. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 16777 shipments. The world wide known Ecuadorian banana was the first product that we started to export to Asian markets. Fruits can ripen and rot during the quarantine period, so this measure makes it difficult and costly for producers to reach foreign markets, limiting their export-led growth opportunities. It also has offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, South Africa and Argentina. The 10 countries that export the most fruit in the world accounted for more than half of the exported fruits in 2014. BANANAS DEL ECUADOR … About 95 per cent of domestically grown fruit is exported to over 50 countries, with the EU, United States and Russia receiving 80 per cent. The Ecuador banana exports account for around 25% of the total international markets. ECUADOR: “Erratic and volatile” few months for banana exports; ECUADOR: 2017 was their worst year for banana exports to the US ; KENYA: Farmers plead for help over fall in banana prices; ECUADOR: Huge jump in fruit exports; ECUADOR: banana prices 'not enough' ECUADOR: German discounters' tactics irk the banana industry; 2019-06-10. Bagatocorp S.A. is an export company from Ecuador. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. All fruit is produced and harvested abiding by the Environmental Laws of the Ecuadorian Environment Ministry. Vancouver. Exports of fruit puree and paste to Russia did not exceed USD 5 million in 2013 "There is a limitation in the port aspect: the number of ships entering is limited, due to the port's draft. To be a world class Ecuadorian company dedicated to exporting tropical fruits at a maximum quality standard. In the first ten months of the year, the world’s number-one banana producer has shipped over 7% more volumes than in the same period of 2019, reaching over 315 million boxes. Salix is a global import-export company of fresh fruit, an American Company based in Atlanta. The top 10 countries exporting organic agri-food products to the EU are: China, Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Turkey, India, Colombia, Kazakhstan, and Brazil. Tropicalfruit Export S.A. at Guayaquil, Ecuador. Your email … Even though Ecuador is the 5 th biggest producer of the bananas in the world, it is its biggest exporter. Deliveries of fresh green banana, pineapple and exotic fruits. About See All +593 96 213 5901. Always Open. Figures from the Central Bank of Ecuador show the country’s exports of dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya, rose 71% last year to reach US$11.9 million. Overall, the list of top ten exporters of fruit to China in 2019 remained similar to that in 2018. Its main import commodities are vehicles, medicinal products, telecommunications equipment and electricity. History; Our fruit; Our Plantation; Suppliers; Contact us; Fruit Logistica 2017 Berlin . We currently have our own yellow pitahaya plantation in ecuadorean eastern side as well as our own collection and packing center. Ecuador is also one of the largest producers of white fleshed shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) in the world. Export banana from Ecuador. Community See All. See more... Dubai GULFOOD. Hours . The United States was the second leading destination, with 9.64 million dollars worth of fruit juice exports in that same year. Its main export partners are the United States, Panama, Peru and Italy. During 2017, Ecuador exported US$3 billion worth of bananas delivered to 71 countries worldwide. Banana Exporters from Ecuador: Agroexport Carmita. Tariffs have increased and the transport costs are higher than exporters had expected when signing their contracts. The firm has more than 15 years of experience in the fresh fruit business. +593 96 213 5901. The other option, via plane, is too expensive, "Malo said. 64 people like this. 4. From baby banana to green bananas the country exports them all reaching 215 million tons of bananas that they export to countries like China, the United States, the European … From May 7th to 10th, 2018, the Sao Paulo APAS trade fair will be held. 3. The Ecuadorian foreign trade agency ProEcuador has set aside a space for TropicalFruit Export in it’s stand. accepted fruit that was already sold under contracts. Thirdly, there is an expected shortage of empty containers for export. Ecuador: Premium and Sustainable, will officially launch at the Fruit Logistica 2020 expo Feb. 5-7 in Berlin. Australia’s reputation for premium export fruit currently rests with temperate fruit, so awareness would need to be built around Australia’s credentials in tropical fruit varieties, including bananas. Russia was the main destination country of Ecuador's banana exports in 2018, with an exported value of 645 million U.S. dollars. DISFRUTA. In this fair will participate representatives of all major supermarket chains in Brazil and the world. Ecuador’s bananas harvest Blessed with plantations located in the northwestern part of South America, Ecuador is the world’s number one exporter of bananas including plantains. Fresh produce and fruit processed products. Bananas make up 10% of Ecuador’s exports. Agroexport Carmita is a well-known banana exporting company in Ecuador with several years of experience harvesting the fruit. VISION To become the leaders of the tropical fruit exports industry applying maximum level standards at all stages of our operation while working towards the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, providers, partners, and clients. The United States is the primary market for Ecuadorian exports as well as Ecuador's largest supplier of imports. Pitaya,Papaya. … Recently added a new business unit, processed foods. Ginafruit, producer and exporter of bananas in Ecuador. In volume terms, exports more than doubled to reach 1,811 metric tons (MT) with Hong Kong as the leading destination (995MT), followed by the U.S. (228MT), Canada (188MT), Singapore (151MT), France (85MT) and the Netherlands (70MT). By Ecuador… "Says Bernardo Malo, president of the Mango Ecuador Foundation, the sector comprising exporters of fresh fruit. Information about company, products, benefits, geography of the supply, trademarks. The order would be in accordance with market requirements 5-10 containers our FOB price for an annual contract $ 8.92 the term of payment 50% below against ... Banano,1200 per container,non-paletized,1080 per container palletized. Peruvian agribusiness giant Danper has carried out its first mango exports from Ecuador.. Dear Sirs We are Panides SA Export quality bananas, we offer various world markets like Ukraine and Rusia. Ecuador ranks firmly as the world’s largest exporter of bananas, accounting for an estimated share of 36 percent of world exports over 2016-2018. Ecuador was the United States' 42nd largest goods export market in 2019.